EPAct Transportation Regulatory Activities

Energy Policy Act (EPAct) of 1992 transportation regulatory activities aim to reduce U.S. petroleum consumption through the use of alternative fuels, alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), and other petroleum-displacement methods. EPAct 1992 directed the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to regulate covered fleets, authorize alternative fuels, and evaluate petroleum reduction and AFV-acquisition goals and requirements in the following ways.

Regulated Fleet Programs

EPAct 1992 directed DOE to regulate State and Alternative Fuel Provider Fleets and Federal Fleets. DOE also created Clean Cities to support local actions by alternative fuel stakeholders that reduce petroleum consumption in transportation.

Alternative Fuels Authorization

EPAct authorizes DOE to add fuels to the list of EPAct-defined alternative fuels by making a final rule after a petition process. Learn more about alternative fuel petitions.

Replacement Fuel Goal Modification

The Replacement Fuel Goal is a goal established by statute to replace 30% of U.S. motor fuel use with non-petroleum fuels by 2010. EPAct 1992 directed DOE to evaluate this goal periodically and modify it if DOE found it not practical and achievable. In March 2007, DOE modified the Replacement Fuel Goal, extending it to 2030. Learn more about the Replacement Fuel Goal Modification.

Private and Local Government Fleet Determination

EPAct 1992 required DOE to determine whether private and local government fleets should be subject to DOE's Alternative Fuel Transportation Program and associated requirements. Unlike the mandates for other regulated fleets, Congress conditioned DOE's authority to implement a private and local government fleet regulation on whether such a regulation was necessary to achieve the Replacement Fuel Goal.

In March 2008, DOE determined not to require private and local government fleets to acquire AFVs because such a requirement is not necessary to achieve the Replacement Fuel Goal. Learn more about DOE's Private and Local Government Fleet Determination.