The State and Alternative Fuel Provider Fleet Program offers workshops in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Federal Fleets and Clean Cities and Communities programs to provide information about Energy Policy Act (EPAct) topics and to facilitate collaboration among fleet personnel and industry experts.

Workshops for Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Stakeholders

EPAct workshops bring together regulated fleet representatives, Clean Cities and Communities stakeholders, and fuel providers to identify opportunities to improve the availability of alternative fueling infrastructure.

Location Date Clean Cities and Communities Website
Phoenix, Arizona Feb. 18, 2014 Valley of the Sun Clean Cities (Phoenix)
Atlanta, Georgia May 9, 2013 Clean Cities-Georgia
New Orleans, Louisiana May 22, 2012 Louisiana Clean Fuels
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sept. 13, 2011 Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities
Boston, Massachusetts Oct. 14, 2010 Massachusetts Clean Cities
San Francisco, California Sept. 16, 2010 San Francisco Clean Cities
Salt Lake City, Utah Aug. 26, 2010 Utah Clean Cities
Puget Sound, Washington July 28, 2010 Western Washington Clean Cities (Seattle)
Chicago, Illinois May 19, 2010 Chicago Area Clean Cities
San Diego, California Feb. 19, 2010 San Diego Regional Clean Cities
Miami, Florida Sept. 17, 2009 Southeast Florida Clean Cities
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Aug. 18, 2009 Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities
Denver, Colorado Aug. 5, 2009 Denver Clean Cities
Williamsburg, Virginia June 16, 2009 Virginia Clean Cities

The one-day EPAct workshops cover information about EPAct, other requirements for regulated fleets, and Clean Cities and Communities resources. Fuel providers present information about their fuels and the criteria they use to site alternative fueling infrastructure. After a working lunch, attendees break into small groups based on geographic location to discuss specific vehicle and refueling infrastructure opportunities in their areas. Advanced mapping tools from the Alternative Fuels Data Center help attendees pinpoint existing alternative fuel infrastructure, fleet locations, and potential demand.

Participants include fleet representatives and decision-makers from:

  • Federal, state, county, and city government agencies
  • Fuel providers
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Universities
  • Airports
  • Branches of the U.S. military
  • School districts
  • Private companies

Participant feedback has been positive, and partnerships created at the workshops have resulted in new alternative fueling infrastructure.

Workshops for Alternative Fuel Retailers

EPAct workshops bring fuel retailers together with experts and leaders from DOE, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and the alternative fuel industry to provide current information on alternative transportation fuels, from production and blending to distribution and deployment.

Location Date More Information
Dallas, Texas Jan. 10, 2012 Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities
Garden Grove, California Feb. 3, 2011 Workshop Agenda

The EPAct workshops for alternative fuel retailers accomplish these goals:

  • Educating public fuel retail store owners and business managers on alternative fuel production and distribution, from feedstock to tank
  • Providing an overview of the requirements for installing alternative fuel infrastructure, from permits to tanks
  • Explaining how offering alternative fuel can increase a store's inside sales revenues
  • Explaining statutory and regulatory alternative fuel and vehicle use obligations
  • Facilitating partnerships between fuel retailers and fuel providers